1. Is there a minimum order?
      No, we have no minimum order.
    1. Is there any delivery charge?
      For orders below RM100, there is a RM20 delivery charge.
      For orders RM100 to RM149, there is a RM10 delivery charge.
      For orders RM100 and above RM150, delivery is free! (Applicable to perishable vegetable items only. Combination of cost with other grocery item is not included at the moment.)
    1. Looking for something not here?
      Chat with us and let us know what you want! We probably have it but it’s not online yet.
    1. When will I get my order?
      Typically within 3 business days. We will call you 1 day before delivery, after receiving payment confirmation.
      If you have any special delivery requests, please mention so in your order notes.
    1. What if I am not happy with my delivered produce?
      Our delivery drivers will normally carry extra stock in their vehicles to do an exchange on the spot. However, if an exchange is not possible on the spot, return the unwanted produce to the driver and we will be contacting you for a credit or arrange with you for an exchange at another convenient time and day.
      For larger orders (> RM300), in the interest of time, please email us at corporate@drembaufresh.com with a picture and weight of your unsatisfied order. We will arrange for a store credit or an exchange as soon as possible.
    1. How do you determine the exact size and weight of the produce as described on your website?
      Our delivered items will normally be at least or above the size and weight of the website’s description.
    1. Where can you deliver to?
      We currently cover most of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. However, if there are more requests for other parts of Malaysia, we can consider to cover those as well. Please send your feedbacks to us.
    1. Is there a discount for large orders?
      Yes! A subtotal of RM200 and above (=>RM200) will have a automatic 10% discount, and subtotal of above RM300 (>RM300) will have a 15% discount.
    1. I am a restaurant / business owner, and would like to order on a constant basis / whole sale price.
      Please contact us at corporate@drembaufresh.com to discuss your requirements.
    1. What kind of payment methods do you accept?
      We accept VISA, Mastercard and AMEX via Paypal at the moment.
      We also accept direct bank transfers and COD.
    1. Is your website secure / trustable?
      Yes! We have gone through pains to secure our website according to international standards.
      Every page is encrypted, and order pages and payment gateway are PCI-DSS compliant. We DO NOT store any of your credit card information on our website or database. They are all collected and processed by our payment gateway directly.
  1. Please chat with us, email us at corporate@drembaufresh.com or via the form on the contact us link if you have any other queries!