Live Wheat Grass

Benefits of Wheat Grass

We are not going to repeat all the benefits of Wheat Grass. Generally, they are reported to have antioxidant, anticancer, anti-aging, laxative diuretic and antibacterial effects.

These are some links that could help you understand more of its benefits:

What is the white stuff on the root of the wheat grass?

The white stuff that may be growing could be just cilia hairs, mildew, or at the worse, white mold.

Cilia hairs are tiny microscope cells that the roots of the sprouts put out to get moisture that is trapped in air. They look like white clouds and disappear when you rinse the sprouts and will reappear a few hours later.

White mold? Ewww!

Firstly, because our wheat grass is organic, we do not spray any kind of hydrogen peroxide or any kind of solution to prevent molds.

White mold is airborne and sticks to damp wheat grass stalks.

Because we live in Malaysia, which has a hot and humid climate, mold may easily grow in the root section of the sprouts because of the lack of airflow.

We can control airflow and water as much as possible during the growing stage when it is at the farm, but we cannot control it further when it is out during transportation or at the stores where we can actually sell this to you.

White mold not harmful

White mold is airborne, in the air all the time and is not harmful. If you have a natural allergy to mold though, you may have slight reaction to the white mold.

Here is a write up by another wheat grass grower from the US about molds on wheat grass:

What to do with white mold on wheat grass?

If you do see any white mold growing on the base of the wheat grass, just harvest it and wash it off with water. You can go ahead and juice it or however you want to consume it.

White mold does not penetrate the stalk; it just clings on to it, so it can be removed easily.
Another solution is to cut the stalk off just above the mold and then rinse it to remove any remaining mold.

I don’t want to take the chance…

No problem! We also sell the same organic wheat grass harvested and prepackaged. Look for D’LONEK ORGANIC VEGETABLES logo or ask one of the staff where you see the live organic wheat grass is selling. They should be able to help you, or drop us a message on the live chat or contact us form on our website!